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Lundenwick, Lockdown and London's Lost Garden

June 07, 2020

Before Covid-19 shut down the performing arts industry, January and February saw me return to roleplay with .The Judicial Appointments Commission, Her Majesty's Prison Service and The United Nations. 

March started with working with Clio's Company to once again perform as Flavian in their educational interactive promenade show, Lundenwic, which was sadly curtailed half-way through the run by the global pandemic.

Since then, I've been using the time to have meetings and script readings over zoom, and making preparations for when things open up again. These include a completely new home studio recording space and updating my acting showreel.

Despite social distancing, I've shot a 'lockdown special' scene for 'Self-Tapers' for Canonbie Productions, and will soon be recording the fruits of my research for Theatre Lab Company's 'Love Letters' project. 


Voice work projects have included recordings for StudyPortals & Dynamic Lock among others, and a podcast radio play, 'London's Lost Garden' by Jack Lowerson, highlighting some of the issues around property development in the capital.

Othello, Great Expecations and the United Nations

January 06, 2020

March & April 2019 saw me work with Phil Wilmott for the first time at the Union Theatre in the 'Offie' nominated Othello, where I played the tilte role. In the summer, I returned to work with Phil again in Free Theatre UK's production of Great Expectations at the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton, where I multi-roled as as Magwitch, Joe and Mr Wemmick.

The Christmas period saw me in another production of Great Expectations, this time with long-time collaborators Theatre Lab Company at The Playground Theatre, which saw my reprise the role of Joe Gargery.

2019 also involved multiple projects for the Judicial Appointments Commission, HMPS and for the first time the United Nations. All fascinating and challenging work.

And of course, more voice work than ever, including more work for Deloitte and the EU, and ADR sessions for Silent Witness.

After Aphra, Ultima Britannia again & Self-Tapers

January 06, 2019

October saw a return to working with Clio's Company with a short initial run run of developing three-hander 'After Aphra', about the life, times and works of Aphra Behn, at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington, October also brought a 'guest star' appearance in Canonbie Productions 'The Self-Tapers'.

November saw working again with Clio's Company, reprising the role of Ursus for a month in their fully booked interactive promenade production, Ultima Britannia. 

December saw me working again with Able Archer, shooting episode 4 of the web-series 'Negotiations'.

Lastly, there have been lots more voice-overs, including  a series of teacher training videos for Guide Education, further role-play in a range of locations for HMPS & the Judicial Appointments Commission, and a return to the role of Cuban party host Emilio for Revolucion De Cuba launch events

Air Crash Confidential, Intergalactic Travel Bureau & Schirkoa

July 30, 2018

April saw the shooting for 'Air Crash Confidential' for World Media Rights, filmed in a real aircraft cockpit and while flying in a state of the art flight simulator, playing the role of Captain Eric Schrieber.

July saw me work with Guerilla Science on their pop-up interactive experience, the 'Intergalactic Travel Bureau', as a travel agent helping hundreds of customers choose their ideal space holiday. A fun and effective way to engage people about space and space travel, and it gave the opportunity to work with real space travel experts, including people involved in the forthcoming missions to Mars.

May and June saw me voicing the lead character for the upcoming animated feature film version of the international mutli-award winning short 'Schirkoa'.The final film is probably a couple of years away, but its creator Ishan Shukla is an inspirational person to work with. 

Elsewhere, throughout this period I have continued weeks of roleplaying as a range of characters for HMPS. I have also completed a different roleplay project for the Judicial Appointments Commission, for the assessment of prospective Deputy High Court Judges. Alongside this, I had two months of a weekly radio show slot on London-wide Love Sport Radio, and will probably be returning to work with them in the not too distant future.

Psychostasia II, Q.U.B.E.2, and Macbeth

April 13, 2018

October saw me finish shooting the final of three episodes to date of the web-series 'Negotiations' with Able Archer, which are now released and online on YouTube.

In November & December Theatre Lab Company's 'Jamaica Inn' enjoyed a four week run at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, with full houses and glowing reviews.

December saw me work with award winning musical ensemble, Daemonia Nymphe on the launch of their new album, 'Macbeth', performing in the title role.

January & February saw a return to role-play work with Her Majesty's Prison Service along with a range of voice work for a variety of projects.

Alongside continued role play, March found me returning to work with Daemonia Nymphe once more, as a performer and co-director of a site-specific immersive musical and theatrical experience, 'Psychostasia II - The Ritual'. This sold-out event combined live acoustic music and song with dance, theatre, poetry, fire performance and audience interaction. 

March also saw the launch of Toxic Games' 'Q.U.B.E.2' to widespread critical acclaim, where my voice gave life to the role of The Entity.

So far April has seen more role-play, LAMDA teaching and shooting a couple of days for TV documentary series 'Air Crash Confidential' this space for more on that! 

Negotiations, Dr. Watson & Jamaica Inn

October 07, 2017

August saw me fill the role of Phillip in Rising Damp for Michael Friend Productions in Broadstairs, and running 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' themed workshops at festivals for Purple Ostrich, as well as script development for the JAC (part of the Department of Justice) prior to a month's roleplay for them in September.

I have also been shooting episodes of the Brexit themed Web-Series 'Negotiations' for Able Archer, playing the role of cynical civil servant Archie Thurman amd have now been elected as a Director of my Co-operative Agency, Anderson Cavendish Management.


Other creative adventures saw me as narrator (Dr. Watson) and all the other characters in an Audiobook of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'A Study in Scarlet' Shanbay Content, as well as the usual array of voice-work etc.

Looking forward, I will be part of Theatre Lab Company's next project, Jamaica Inn, at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, 8th November-2nd December.

Io, Maria, The Widow and Rising Damp

July 17, 2017

May saw me perform the role of Prometheus in 'Io Restored' with Off The Cliff Theatre, before June saw a return to the role of The Duende for Operaview's 'Maria De Buenos Aires', which we were invited to perform at the Bartok Plus Opera Festival in Miskolc Hungary. We were reviewed in Italian press (OperaClick & Primi Pagina News) and in the Hungarian Press (Opera Portal). Also In June I played Hazard in a rehearsed reading of 'The Widow Ranter' at Fulham Palace as a joint endeavor between Clio's Company and Loughborough University.

I also concluded my work with Anima Chambers for the forthcoming computer game 'Welcome to  Orochi Park' in which I play multiple roles.

Next on the Horizon is the original play of 'Rising Damp' at the Sarah Thorne Theatre, Broadstairs for Michael Friend Productions, 3-6th August.

Beyond that I'm waiting for confirmation of a number of future projects and also for clearance to be able to discuss a couple already completed. 

Watch this space!

New Representation and New Projects

April 21, 2017

I am happy to announce that I have changed representation, joining the books of Anderson Cavendish Management, a new agency with an exciting talent base and ethos. I'm enjoying my time with them so far, and hopefully it leads to great things!


​This month I teamed up with exciting new production company Elysium Films in the principal role in their new short film 'Juicy Fruit', and continued working with Out of Sight Games, adding the roles of Father Ignatius and Samuel the Innkeeper to that of Lord Adrianus for 'A Hero's Call'.

Looking forward, I will be appearing as 'Prometheus' in "Io Revisited" at the Bread and Roses Theatre, London 15th-20th May as part of the Metamorphosis festival for Off The Cliff Theatre

Also last year's Operaview Argentinian Tango Opera, ' Maria de Buenos Aires' will be making an appearance at the Bartok Plus Opera Festival in Hungary on the 18th June, meaning I'll be donning my wings and goggles once again as The Duende brings magic and metaphysical poetry to the industrial city of Miskolc. 

'Salome' at Hoxton Hall & 'Lundenwic'

March 30, 2017

The end of January saw the opening of Theatre Lab Company's London revival of Oscar Wilde's Salome at Hoxton Hall. Having previously performed to sell out houses at the Avignon Festival and in Thessaloniki, it was a joy to re-join such a strong theatrical family and revisit the role of Jokanaan back home, and particularly to such large and enthusiastic audiences. We got a lovely 4* write up in The Stage and a 5* review from West End Wilma, and The Telegraph's one to watch for the run, all of which is a great achievement for a relatively short run.

Following Salome, I returned to the role of Romano-British mercenary Flavian for Clio's Company's interactive adventure through middle Saxon London, 'Lundenwic'. Working with children is always a joy for me, and having to improvise around a tight structure with approximately 400 seven to ten year olds certainly keeps you on your toes! 

Oscar Wilde's 'Salome' - Theatre Lab Company - 31st Jan - 11th Feb 2017, Hoxton Hall

January 24, 2017

We have started rehearsals for 'Salome' by Oscar Wilde, which will be on at Hoxton Hall from Jan 31st to 11th February. It's a great pleasure to be returning to a much loved former show with fresh eyes, especially with Theatre Lab Company, with a director, creative team and cast I know so well and enjoy such a bond of trust with. 

Having performed this play together at the Avignon Festival and in Thessaloniki (to great reviews and mostly sell out audiences), it is a joy to be able to share it in London and at such a great venue

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