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I am a London born and raised actor of mixed parentage (and a very broad extended gene pool), whose look has been embraced as a native in the majority of countries I have visited.

Despite my father's artistic background, the performing arts was a very alien environment to me until my time at University. Theatre provided a welcome escape from the more statistically analytical elements of my Economics and International History degree, and quickly became my primary focus. Even a sabbatical year as President of one of the more active Student Unions in the country could not keep me off the stage.

A return to London saw me develop a career in urban regeneration, enterprise support and employment advice, working with some of the most disadvantaged in my local community, but the performing bug remained present. A two year part-time acting course at the excellent Questors theatre led me to taking the plunge of post-graduate Drama School training at Arts Ed, under the inspirational Adrian James.

Since turning my back on 9 to 5, I have had the immense fortune to participate in wide variety of work ranging from Film and Television to classical and modern theatre in a vast range of locations, including the Atlas Mountains, ancient amphitheatres and the odd crypt, quite apart from modern venues ranging from 30 to 3000 in capacity.

In recent years I have branched out into: 

-Voice work: including TV adverts, Film ADR, Animated Features, Computer Games, Radio Plays, Audiobooks, IVR systems etc

-Roleplay: Regular clients include HMPS (assessing prospective prison officers), Probation Service (Training), Judicial Appointments Commission (assessment of prospective Judges) and the United Nations (Assessing national programme leaders). 

-Interactive, site-specific and promenade performance: Audiences ranging from international television executives and prospective magistrates to drunk Cuban salsa dancers and eight year old history students. 

And I genuinely love all these areas of work.

This reflects my desire to continually explore as a performer, and develop through doing. Every new creative experience beyond my comfort zone is an opportunity to learn and grow in unexpected ways, and experience has taught me that skills gained in one area can be enormously useful in seemingly completely un-related roles. 

Being able to make my living from performing alone also allows me the flexibility to publish a weekly football podcast (nearly 250 episodes), write and pursue a broad range of other interests and freelance opportunities, all of which then feed back into my performance work.


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